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Application form - Game Master Skill SF2 RU

Have you ever wanted to be a Game Master? Render your service to the community? Do you have passion to help fellow gamers on forums, this is your chance to send in your application

Applicants must:

  • be OVER THE AGE OF 18 (this is due to legal issues and will be non-negotiable).
  • have a helpful and easy-going personality.
  • be fluent in English and Russian. Any other languages are a bonus.
  • have sufficient knowledge of the board and games rules and how this community works.
  • have the ability to self motivate.
  • have a considerable amount of time to offer to the job (at least a daily average of two hours).
  • be prepared to sign a Data Protection Agreement and provide a copy of his/her ID or passport.

All applications must be written in English and Russian. Applications that are not in English and Russian will be rejected immediately.
Incomplete applications will be judged accordingly. Keep in mind submitting an incomplete or lousy application does not make for a solid first impression, so keep it interesting!

Please note:
Applications must be at least 300 words. Applications that are too short will be rejected automatically.

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By checking this box I agree that my personal data may be used in the recruiting proccess and we are allowed to contact you again in case we have open position.

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