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OGame QA is currently looking for new volunteers to become tech team members. If you are a passionate gamer and able to meet our requirements, we will be happy to receive your application.

What are the tasks of the tech team?

+ Testing the functions and content of new game versions on a test server before it gets released.
+ This entails: Checking new content, game balance, bug fixes, and the UI in multiple browsers (Chrome, Edge, and Firefox) and/or the app if available.
+ Bugs that have been found during testing need to be reported to Dev in intelligible English following an internally used template so they can easily understand and fix them.
+ Communication with other tech team members for combat tests, alliances, and other group features.
+ Reproduce reported bugs and immprove bug reports we get from the community (e.g. adding missing reproduction steps, screenshots, and videos).

+ You have to be at least 18 years old.
+ A valid passport/ID card. (You'll need it for signing an NDA later on)
+ You have enough time and you are motivated to fulfil your tasks as a member of the tech team.
+ You have a broad and/or deep knowledge about OGame.
+ You are fluent in both spoken and written English.
+ You enjoy working together in a team with others.
+ You take confidentiality and reliability for granted.
+ Software skills are not required but an advantage.

If you think this description fits you, feel free to submit your application.

The application text should explain the reason for why you want to be a part of the tech team and tell us a bit about yourself, your previous experience with OGame, or any work in similar positions.

So reply at least to the following questions in a continuous text: (You can also add more information if you like to)

+ Your nickname
+ Introduce yourself
+ What are your personal interests?
+ Which games are you currently playing, what's your all-time favourite? (Don't worry, it doesn't have to be OGame ;D)
+ When did you start playing OGame and are you still actively playing it?
+ Do you mainly play OGame via your browser or the app?
+ Which universe and community are you playing in? (e.g. Gaspra EN)
+ What's your playstyle (e.g. fleeter, miner, etc.)?
+ Why would you like to become a member of the tech team?
+ How much time are you willing to invest on a weekly basis?
+ Do you have any previous experience regarding this position or a similar one?

Please send in your applications using the form below.

After sending an application you'll be informed via email about our decision and how to proceed from there. Please keep in mind that this may take a while.

We're looking forward to read from you!
Your OGame QA

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By checking this box I agree that my personal data may be used in the recruiting proccess and we are allowed to contact you again in case we have open position.

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