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Game Operators are the enforcers of the Game Rules and they are the first line of support for users with problems. A Game Operator would be helping users with Game problems, discussing any issues or concerns they have, and checking players for breaches of the rules.

Its also worth remembering that a Game Operator is just like you! We have Game Operators who are 18 years old, others who are 50, male and female, students and finance professionals. There really are no limits or restrictions on what kind of person can join the team.

Game Operators are assigned to specific worlds where they have no connections in-game to ensure impartiality. Game Operators are also volunteers.

Game Operators are provided with a wealth of information and tools, so they do not need any previous knowledge of IT or technical matters. Training and detailed manuals are provided on all of the tools and technical issues they may come across. It is assumed that all new Game Operators have no technical knowledge.

Before to submit your application, please, remember that:

  • You must be 18 years old (for legal reasons, you will have to sign a Data Protection Agreement)
  • Be sure to have 2 hours a day free
  • You must be willing to use IRC. (No previous use of IRC is required.)
  • You should be able to work independently as well as part a team.
  • You need a good working knowledge of the Game Rules - http://en.ikariam.gameforge.com/rules.php
  • You need to know T&C - http://tiny.cc/IkariamTC
  • This is a volunteer activity, not paid

Attitude wise, GOs must:

  • Understand that helping people is our highest priority as staff, before anything else
  • Be able to work as a team, taking direction and constructive criticism when it is offered
  • Treat others with respect at all times, in all situations, regardless of personal feelings
  • Possess maturity and discretion

For further details, please read this post on board: http://tiny.cc/NewGoApplication

Please note:
  • Applications must be at least 500 words. Applications that are too short will be rejected automatically.

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